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High CBD Marijuana Strains

What Are High CBD Marijuana Strains What They Prescribe For

Cannabis experts have seen potency as one of the primary factors in making a specific strain more desirable than the other.  Potency was always been popular in an illegal market, especially when one dealer tries to outdo the other.  Potency is still important in the legal cannabis market, but not only with THC, but also CBD.  There are some consumers that prefer high CBD marijuana strains due to the fact that THC has a higher...

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How Cannabis Vaping Can Help With Daily Meditating

How Cannabis Vaping Can Help With Daily Meditating

Meditation is not everyone’s favorite thing but cannabis vaping may be the answer to making the practice more interesting, intense and beautiful. In the Transcendental Meditation world, it’s suggested that two meditation sessions 20 minutes long is ideal—unless you can commit to longer periods, of course. Many consider meditation unbearable, boring, undoable, inconceivable…shall we go on? On the other hand, some see meditation as a way of life and something that they can’t get through...

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The New Fire Fly 2 Vaporizer by

Chamber holds .15 gm of dry herb.

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Vaporizer And E-Cigarette – Know the Difference

The difference between a vaporizer and an e-cigarette is a debate that has been long-held. While the majority of the people use the terms interchangeably considering them exactly the same thing, there are a few subtle differences between a vaporizer and an e-cigarette. There also are reasons to choose one over the other.  Taking this into consideration, we have taken the liberty of accentuating a few of such differences. Differences which will help a great...

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AirVape Xs Special Edition

AirVape Xs Special Edition the baller version of the original AirVape Xs

The AirVape Xs Special Edition prides itself in having a clean. It’s smooth and tasty vapor that is sure to make you think that it costs a fortune. This iteration features a markedly flashier exterior of black matte with 24 karat gold (ka-ching). A hybrid conduction and convection system and precision temp control underneath the hood. When you purchase the AirVape Xs special edition for just under $300, it comes accompanied with a complete kit....

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Keychain vaporizers

AirVape OM Keychain Vaporizers buy 2 get 1 free

Smaller vapes majority of the time makes for a less vapor production. However, Keychain vaporizers like the AirVape OM possesses a vapor production capacity that is similar to that of bigger units. Sometimes, Vaping on the go is unavoidable and some environments require that you do this discreetly. Everybody desires a simple, and pocket-friendly vaporizer of good quality. A vape that is durable, affordable and has the ability to work like bigger vaporizers. In addition,...

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Cannabis Vaping in New York in Peace

HIGH, NEW YORK…Whether you’re new to cannabis vaping, or a grizzled veteran of the scene; this guide will help you find your way around the city while stoned. Where to find the best munchies and enjoy the most relaxing spot to vape marijuana in peace. NYC being the city that never sleeps is a misnomer because all it seems to take is cannabis vaping with strong indica genetics, and it can turn the Big Apple...

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Cannabis benefits

The Cannabis Advantages of Life

The majority of the population wants to see marijuana legalized because of its benefits. More and more states are following Colorado’s lead and passing legislation making recreational use legal for those over 21.  It does seem that conversations surrounding cannabis advantages  has moved on from whether the plant is good or bad for users (click here to learn about cannabis benefits).   Even though 60% of the population are for marijuana, the opposition is present,...

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Cannabis industry

Vaporizers Growth in the Cannabis Industry

Vaporizers & Their Place in the Cannabis Industry Why are vaporizers popular? The term ‘vape’ was Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year in 2014, it’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world. In fact, Research and Markets recently reported that the worldwide vape market is expected to reach $32.11 billion by 2021. The vaping industry has seen a big boom in a particular market: cannabis. The delivery business Eaze, dubbed the Uber for...

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