AirVape OM Keychain Vaporizers buy 2 get 1 free

Smaller vapes majority of the time makes for a less vapor production.
However, Keychain vaporizers like the AirVape OM possesses a vapor production capacity that is similar to that of bigger units.
Sometimes, Vaping on the go is unavoidable and some environments require that you do this discreetly.

Everybody desires a simple, and pocket-friendly vaporizer of good quality.
A vape that is durable, affordable and has the ability to work like bigger vaporizers.
In addition, the Airvape OM key chain allows you vape herbs, liquids or waxy oils.

If you want to vape discreetly, then Keychain vaporizers is what you need.

Airvape OM will allude you, that covertness to take quick hits undetected, while constantly on the move.

It’s simple controls will ensure that your vaping is completely discreet.
Thus, if you are out of the house most of the time, then the keychain vaporizer is an investment that is worthy of your cash.

Furthermore, Keychain vaporizers can blend in quite easily with your keys, making them difficult to spot.
Your Vape will simply appear like another mini flashlight or key holder.

Those who vape outside usually complain about the fact that their vapes are not very portable and can become very uncomfortable to carry them all day in their pockets. Thus, the smaller the better.

It doesn’t get any smaller than Airvape OM Keychain Vaporizers.

Again, the Keychain vaporizer is just like a regular key, it’s nothing like an extra burden since you would already have your keys in your pocket in the first place.

Keychain vaporizers are small and compact.

Envision a vape pen that is thin and small that it can comfortably be hidden under your grip.
Not only is it light and easy to carry, it’ll be completely unseen while you vape with it.

Moreover, some keychain vaporizers are very similar to your keys and have no real resemblance to a vaporizer.
Instead, your vape will easily come off like a flashlight or ornament to others.

Keychain vapes are extremely portable and yet produce excellent vapor production without compromising on it size – giving you the freedom to vape unrestricted and still do so privately when you are on the move.

If your vape only charges via AC outlet or its own personal charging dock, it’s going to be tough powering up whenever you need*******

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