Vaporizer And E-Cigarette – Know the Difference

The difference between a vaporizer and an e-cigarette is a debate that has been long-held.

While the majority of the people use the terms interchangeably considering them exactly the same thing, there are a few subtle differences between a vaporizer and an e-cigarette.

There also are reasons to choose one over the other.  Taking this into consideration, we have taken the liberty of accentuating a few of such differences.

Differences which will help a great deal in letting you make an informed decision when it comes to choosing between an e-cigarette and a vaporizer.

Let’s take a closer at such differences.


An e-cigarette looks and even sometimes feels exactly like an ordinary cigarette.  Setting it up is fairly simple which adds to the convenience of its usage.

An e-cigarette is known to have a particular concentration of nicotine and production of vapor instead of smoke like an ordinary cigarette.

One of the primary reasons why people opt for an e-cigarette instead of a vaporizer is its reduced cost.

The tobacco and menthol flavors that e-cigarettes offer are quite accurate but with minimum customization or buttons to push.

A few of the advanced e-cigarettes are known to be compatible with pre-filled cartomizers which offer a wide range of nicotine strengths. Since the e-liquid is being heated by the e-cigarettes, it feels burning in nature.


• Hard to identify if the cartomizer is empty

• Tank capacity and battery life both are very limited

• Easier to mistakenly consider it a traditional cigarette which can be awkward if you are vaping in public

• Nicotine delivery is widely known to be inconsistent

• E-Liquid, as well as the cartomizer, must be purchased from the manufacturer of the battery


While a common e-cigarette is more or less like a traditional cigarette, vaporizer, on the other hand, is significantly different not only in the look but in the functionality as well.

More often than not, vaporizers can only be found on specific vape shops either on the internet or offline.  One of the primary distinguishing features of a vaporizer is that it offers greater customizability.

Be it in terms of mixing and matching the e-liquid or filling and even refilling of the existing cartridges.  With color coordinate accessories, it is a product that can be customized exactly as per your taste.

A vaporizer is known to last longer since there is no burning involved and the e-liquid is simply vaporized before being released in the air. Most of the vaporizers resemble a small tube or perhaps a pen and are slightly larger than a traditional e-cigarette.

Vaporizers enable you to choose the nicotine strength that you prefer and offer a stronger throat and chest hit.  These are slightly more expensive than e-cigarettes but with a better battery life.


• Better battery life

• Greater customization

• E-liquids, tastes, flavors, have greater variety to choose from

• Consistent in terms of nicotine delivery

• Cartomizer is see-through which makes it convenient to realize when it’s empty

• Thanks to its refillable nature, it turns out to be more cost-effective in the long run