AirVape Xs Special Edition the baller version of the original AirVape Xs

The AirVape Xs Special Edition prides itself in having a clean. It’s smooth and tasty vapor that is sure to make you think that it costs a fortune.

This iteration features a markedly flashier exterior of black matte with 24 karat gold (ka-ching). A hybrid conduction and convection system and precision temp control underneath the hood.

When you purchase the AirVape Xs special edition for just under $300, it comes accompanied with a complete kit.

Plus, some handy tools for vaping dry herb while you are on the move.

In its packaging is the Xs Shell, a protective case to conceal smell and keep dirt and water away. A remote charging bank (sold separately) for powering up wirelessly while you are on the move.

To add the icing on the cake, you get a VIP card when you purchase the AirVape Xs special edition.
This VIP card grants you 3 repairs regardless of the issue, plus discounts from some select websites like VaporNation and AirVape.

Again, it is covered by a lifetime warranty.
No other vaporizer comes close to matching the elegant accessories that the AirVape Xs Special Edition comes with.


Airvape Xs Special Edition

Let’s thoroughly scrutinize the AirVape Xs Special Edition.

It’s super easy to use and this makes the AirVape Xs perfect for vaping while you are on the road.

When you are out, you can take hits in a flash and it only takes a few seconds to load up the vape.
The AirVape Xs special edition has a classy and extravagant design than any regular vape and it is coated with gold on the exterior.

Overall, it does not appear to be overly flashy.
A better way to describe it would be elegant and sleek. And the black matte further compliments its looks by giving it that comfortable and solid grip.

Apart from the original AirVape Xs, nothing comes close to the original design of the AirVape Xs Special Edition.

It is thin, compact and can easily be concealed in your hands. To top it all off, it is extremely lightweight and by far one of the most portable vaporizers out there.
Because the AirVape Xs is ultra-light, carrying it around is more of a convenience than a burden.

Also, the fact that you can be very discreet about it is a big plus.
The glass mouthpiece is oval-shaped and designed to make it unscathed after taking a few hits.
A silicone connector piece located under the mouthpiece contains a stainless screen and air box which cools and filters the vapor.

Remember to periodically clean the mouthpiece by taking it apart to reach the air box and screen.
Furthermore, the mouthpiece is held in the chamber with pressure.
The rubber connector pieces squeeze into the chamber, this ensures that it is simple to remove and refill.

On the contrary, the mouthpiece will likely get loose in your pocket, thus making the Xs Shell necessary.
Although the case is made of plastic, it has a great rubberized plastic matte design that looks great.

The build quality of the AirVape Xs Special Edition is of top quality and the anodized metal is lightweight and yet durable.

The black matte alongside its 24 karat gold coated bottom and top not only has that luxurious appeal, it can also withstand a great deal of wear and tear.

The Special Edition AirVape Xs features a half-convection, half-conduction heating system.
This heating style is common with a lot of people because of the conduction effect that heats faster, and the convection delivers tasty, aromatic, and long draws.
You get the best of both worlds, striking a balance between a rapid heat up time and clean, smoke-free vapor.

The herb chamber of the AirVape Xs Special Edition is located just under the mouthpiece, simply remove the glass mouthpiece to locate it.

Also, it is made of ceramic, an excellent conductor because it heats evenly and gradually rather than flash vaping your herbs.

You’ll notice a screen at the bottom of the AirVape Special Edition, and just under that are airholes through which hot air will flow.
The walls of the chamber also heat to vaporize dry herbs in a hybrid conduction/convection style.

For the best experience with this vaporizer, and some real intense cloud 9 feeling, ensure that your dry herbs are finely grounded.
This will ensure a larger surface area for the hot air and hot walls of the chamber.

In addition, tightly pack the chamber for efficient vapor production.
For lighter, longer draws, grind herb coarsely and pack it loose, rather than tight.
You’ll get more out of the convection style vaping–leaving more room for hot air to do its work between the granules of herb.

AirVape Xs Special Edition delivers a comfortable vapor that is filled with flavor and very aromatic.

Temperatures between 360 to 800 degrees C will produce a richly flavored, medium-sized vapor.

Xs Shell
The Xs Shell is a high-grade plastic case that comes with the AirVape Xs Special Edition that ensures that offers excellent odour and waterproof protection.
The special thing about the Xs Shell is whilst the plastic is durable.
It is also flexible enough to allow you access the buttons on the AirVape Xs Special Edition without removing it.
The Xs Shell has a snap.

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