How vaping cannabis can help with daily meditating

Meditation is not everyone’s favorite thing but vaping cannabis may be the answer to making the practice more interesting, intense and beautiful.

In the Transcendental Meditation world, it’s suggested that two meditation sessions 20 minutes long is ideal—unless you can commit to longer periods.

Many consider meditation unbearable, boring, undoable, inconceivable…shall we go on? On the other hand, some see meditation as a way of life and something that they can’t get through the day without.

So how can we reconcile both ends of the meditation spectrum—love it and those who need it but can’t bring themselves to perform it each day? Vape marijuana and give meditating a second chance.

Or, if you already have an established meditation practice try vaping cannabis before your next session. See if you don’t go even deeper into the relaxation state.

One of the great benefits of the Cannabis sativa L. plant is that it helps us become more aware of ourselves. Contrary to the misconception of stoners who are in a constant vegetative state, the typical cannabis user is not one who uses it every day.

Those who do know their tolerance and play within it.  Typically, when we think about vaping cannabis, the profound effect we are looking for comes from the Tetrahydrocannabidol (THC) compound found in the plant.

It’s a chemical that closely resembles a chemical made by our bodies (called Anandamide) and has many profound effects.  Those effects can make us more aware of our surroundings and helping us to feel lighter and happier in-body.

Vaping cannabis both excites our brain’s neurons and encourages us to feel deeply relaxed. Using cannabis before meditation may be all that it takes to feel calm and introspective.

Pulsar APX Vaporizer

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For newbies to vaping cannabis, the “ideal ratio” of cannabinoids may take some time and trials to figure out. Once you do, it’s very worth it, especially if you plan on using it to vape yourself into a meditative state.

Only vape marijuana that will help you feel relaxed such as Blue Dream or Pink Kush.
If you are new to meditating, here are some ideas to get you started.

1) Create sacred space where you can vape marijuana and then meditate

A sacred space is open to interpretation; at its most basic, it’s a place in which you feel the most relaxed and safe. This could be laying flat on your back in bed, or in a cozy corner of your home, or sitting cross-legged on a mat. Make sure you are comfortable, supported, and warm or cool enough as to your liking. You’re going to be in this position for at least 20 minutes.

2) Prepare your cannabis with attention

For you, this may mean any and all of the following: before you vape marijuana deeply inhaling the smell of the ground cannabis with you eyes closed and noticing the aroma of the terpenes. Put thoughts of appreciation into the cannabis. Think about the flower as its whole plant and the grower that cared for it. This part is fully open to interpretation and its only meant to bring you more into the moment

3) Savor the act of vaping cannabis

Vaping cannabis

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For Advance User

Inhale and slowly exhale through your nose to enjoy the flavor notes of your cannabis.  This can be done while vaping cannabis because you are not fully combusting the flower as opposed to when you smoke a joint or blunt.  Feel connected to the cannabis and all of its cannabinoids.

4) Sit up tall and find your best alignment

After you vape marijuana relaxing your shoulders and sliding your shoulder blades down your back. Lower your chin slightly until you fell your spine lengthen. It should almost feel like a string is pulling you up through your spine and the top of your head so that you are sitting up straight.

Remember to maintain the natural curve of your spine. Close your eyes and breath in and out into your belly region.

5) Don’t be alarmed is vaping cannabis takes your mind out of your mantra

Your thoughts and mind are bound to race or bounce around.  Don’t focus on that.  Instead, just notice when they do wander and gently, without judgment, guide them back to center.

Instead, pay attention to your breathing and maybe come up with a mantra—a nonsensical word or two —to focus on instead.  Repeat the breathing pattern and mantra until it becomes rhythmic.

Sink deeply into the feeling as your body reacts to vaping cannabis.  Allow yourself to fall deeper into a relaxation state.