What are Cannabis Topicals What is It Used For

Cannibis Topicals 

The notion that cannabis consumption could only make you ‘get high’ is fast eroding.  Due to the inception of new methods of marijuana consumption, this long-held fallacy will be fast forgotten.

One of these innovations is the Cannabis topicals

With this marijuana-infused mediation, the perception of cannabis is gradually changing.  It’s efficacy, safety and accessibility attracts even the greatest critics into the medicinal use of cannabis.

What are Cannabis Topicals?

Cannabis Topicals are balms, Oils, and lotions that are infused with active cannaboids.  It’s applied directly on the skin for the relief of pains, inflammation, and soreness.  Due to their non-psychoactive nature, topicals are preferred by patients who detest the cerebral euphoria of marijuana.  But are interested in the healing effect.

How Do Cannabis Topicals Work?

These cannabis-induced oils, salves, sprays, and lotions binds to a link of receptors referred to as CB2. The receptors are present all over the body.

They are triggered either by endocannabinoid internally generated by the body or by cannabis properties. Properties referred to as “phytocannabinoids” such as CBD and THC.
Topicals with active THC ingredient do not cause the intense high one would normally get from normal consumption of cannabis. Whether through smoking, vaporizing, or ingestion.

Uses of Cannabis Topical

Topical Cannabis are basically used for muscle soreness, pain relief, inflammation and tension. And in recent times, anecdotal proofs are beginning to reveal a wide range of potential health benefits.

Some benefits which includes dermatitis, psoriasis itching, cramping and headaches.
Cannabis topicals have been a favorite therapy for athletes as it offers physical relief.  Doesn’t make them so intoxicated that they are unable to perform.

Topicals are also not detectable on drug use test for athletes.  Rub containing THC with peppermint and menthol is an ideal therapy for an intensive workout or hike.
For acute pain, a warming balm that infuses the effective pain killing compounds of cannabis with a prickly soothing sensation is a perfect remedy.
Application of cannabis topicals offer great benefits to the skin as a result of the antibacterial, immunity-modulating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Rashes, eczema, burns, psoriasis and other skin disorders can be treated with the antibacterial and analgesic properties active in cannaboid topicals.

Cannabis topicals, unlike ingested cannaboids, offers faster and more focused relief to a lot of skin related ailments.

There are several cannabis topicals out there and they offer different individual benefits depending on their ingredient and the way they were processed.

So you may want to try out a couple products to see what gives you the best result. Medical marijuana market has several options for topical therapies that should be explored by sufferers of inflammation and pain.

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